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It's been a while since there's been an update and there's a lot going on.

Heatseeker has been in the studio since late October recording our full length debut album. At this point we have the instrumentals finished on thirteen tracks, with the possibility of adding an additional acoustic track.

As most of you know, our vocalist, "Cleveland" Steve Waters, parted ways with us last fall. After an exhaustive search, we have finally found a replacement, Jimmy Black, who has signed on to record the album, as well as perform live with the Seeker. Jimmy has spent time in Falling 12 Stories and H8 Machine, among other bands. He made his live debut with the band at Penn Hills, PA on March 31.

Heatseeker will be returning to the stage for a number of upcoming gigs. Check the schedule section for details. We'd love to see you out!

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