Seth City has been immersed in music his entire life. Born to a family of musicians and music lovers, he received his first guitar at age seven. At age nine, he started playing tenor saxophone, which carried him through high school and gained him admission to the prestigious NYU Jazz Performance program. Unfortunately, the $40,000 a year price tag coupled with the cost of living in NYC forced Seth to drop out of NYU and move upstate to Rochester, NY.

Seth forged on, completing a music degree at MCC, before diving into the local music scene as a fiery lead guitarist for various bar bands. For the last four years, Seth has played lead guitar for a whisky-soaked rock band called Heatseeker, as well as numerous side projects. At present, in addition to Heatseeker, Seth is fronting The Dirty Bourbon Blues Band, as well as working on a solo blues album.

When not touring the Northeast with the 'Seeker, or gigging at local watering holes, Seth spends time with his wife, Jillian, and his children, Abigail, Owen, and Claire. By day, Seth works as an Electronics Specialist for a local company. After hours, you will generally find Seth City playing guitar, riding long distances on his motorcycle, or tattooing himself as a hobby.

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